CT 4601

CT 4601 is defined by the Census Tract at the the Northeast section of Altadena bordered by Lake Avenue on the west; the transmission lines which border the Angeles National Forest to the north; the unincorporated boundary approximated by Eaton Canyon and Altadena Drive on the east; and a line which traverses Mendocino Street on the south continuing across Allen along Glen Terrace Street to Midlothian Street at Glen Canyon and across Glen Canyon to Altadena Drive.


Anne Chomyn

Term Expires 2017

Email: anne.chomyn@altadenatowncouncil.org

Phone: (626) 798-2965

Anne Chomyn represents Census Tract 4601, an area corresponding to northeast Altadena, more or less. She has lived in the same home on Altadena Drive since 1976, and, like her neighbors, enjoys the proximity to hiking trails, the beautiful views, the abundant trees, the diverse population, and the small town feel of Altadena.


Anne grew up in Philadelphia, graduated from Drexel University with a B.S. in Physics, then moved west for graduate school at Caltech, where she earned a Ph.D. in Biology. She continued to work at Caltech, conducting research on mitochondria, for approximately 30 more years. She has taught at Caltech and at Cal State LA, and given lectures around the world. Now that she has retired, she looks forward to giving back to her local community.


As a member of the Council, Anne’s goals include making Altadena safer, more healthful, and more attractive. She will be addressing issues of concern to Census Tract 4601 residents, including traffic, pedestrian safety, and road and curb maintenance.


Another of Anne’s goals as Town Council member is to make the community more aware of the Council and its functions. Toward that goal, Anne is working to establish and maintain lines of communication between herself and the community she serves. She has created a facebook page (see the link below) that can be visited by subscribers and nonsubscribers alike. In addition, she will be posting regularly on Nextdoor.com and to the stonehillnews listserve (http://stonehillnews.com/subscribe). Residents who prefer not to use any of these social networks can email her for alternative ways to be kept informed. She welcomes input and participation from the community.

John E. White

Term Expires 2016

Email: john.white@altadenatowncouncil.org

Phone: (626) 398-7318

John E. White has been a resident of Altadena since 1996. His immediate attraction to the area was the proximity of Angeles National Forest, and the artsy and diverse character of Altadena. He attended college in Northern California and received a B.A. and M.A. in English.


His background includes a career in Logistics Support with a Fortune 500 company, Communications and Director of Operations positions for medical device startups, Documentation Specialist and Technical Writer for tech companies, Freelance Writer for the business and automotive industries, novelist, playwright and memoirist. He has performed volunteer work at a convalescent facility, raised dogs for Guide Dogs for the Blind, and tutored local students in writing and reading comprehension.


During his residence in Altadena he has been committed to the local community at many levels. He decided to raise his commitment by submitting his candidacy for a position on the Altadena Town Council. He endeavors to make a lasting impact with thoughtful contributions to improve the general welfare of the community.