CT 4602

District 4602 is defined by the Census Tract in the the North central section of Altadena bordered by Lake Avenue on the east; the transmission lines which border the Angeles National Forest to the north; Fair Oaks Avenue on the west to Loma Alta Drive and along a line which follows Chiquita Canyon to the transmission lines; and Mariposa Street on the south.


Okorie Ezieme

Term Expires 2016

Email: okorie.ezieme@altadenatowncouncil.org

Phone: 213-610-3807

OKORIE EZIEME is a longtime resident of the City of Altadena. He has been a member of the City Town Council since 2008 where he currently serves as the Vice Chair as well as a sitting member of the Land Use Committee. Over his tenure on this council, he has taken on several key issues and made promises to his community that he has kept. “A promise made is a promise kept.”

He helped to organize several Neighborhood Watch Groups in his community with the assistance of the Altadena Sheriff’s Department. He strongly support neighbors uniting in order to form Watch Groups where they become more organized, active, alert, get to know their neighbors, and provide timely information which forms a safety net around the community protecting all from opportunistic criminals. This in effect has deterred criminals, and those would bee’s are beginning to think twice before committing crimes in communities that post the neighborhood watch signs.

Ezieme brings awareness to issues and concerns in his community through various forms of communication such as website, emails, text messages, newsletters, telephone, and face-to-face meetings.

One of his key emphases in this community and beyond is on academic excellence for our children in math and science. Ezieme leads a free local tutorial after school program on Mondays at Metropolitan Baptist Church. Ezieme strongly support Altadena’s Student/Teacher of the Month Program, which recognized students for academic improvement, good behavior, punctuality, and respect for teachers and peers among other achievements.

As an Educator, Ezieme is a certificated substitute teacher and recently served on the Pasadena Unified School District Budget Advisory Committee. He is an advocate for the rights of the citizens of the community.  As a member of the NAACP, Ezieme works on Black and Brown issues alike.

He believes everyone deserves to be heard and to have a voice in how the community is served. In his own community he has been a key member in organizing and blocking proposed school(s) from disrupting their quaint peaceful community.

Ezieme has his MBA from the University of South Alabama. He is a Deacon at his church and the President of NGOK Global Consultants, Inc, a professional accounting and tax firm.

Ezieme and his wife, Ngozi loves the City of Altadena where they are raising their five children – Rachel, Ifeanyi, Sampson, David and Joshua.

According to Ezieme, “True power lies in and with the people. I truly believe in the saying ‘An informed people is a happy people.’ I am a SERVANT working for the common good for our community.” Ezieme is a man of his word, an honorable man, and a community leader who cares deeply for the entire community that he represents.

William (Billy) Malone

Term Expires 2017

Email: ban1997@sbcglobal.net

Phone: (626) 657 0291

WILLIAM (BILLY) MALONE grew up in a small town in the English countryside. That sense of community, pride, and concern for your neighbor is hard to find outside of those small rural towns. After living in the Pasadena area since 1992, eight years ago he discovered Altadena, found that same pride in the community by its residents, and it brought him back to his roots.

At age 16, Billy graduated high school and studied engineering. At 21 he was awarded the GTMA’s Certificate of Craftsman by the Minister of Transportation at the British Houses of Parliament in London. By his early 20’s he was designing for some of the top companies and it was as an industrial designer in plastics that General Electric brought him to North America. After several years in the field of engineering, he decided to go back to school and explore his creative side. He studied for 3 years and graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts where he subsequently became a teacher. He then studied at Cal-State University, Los Angeles where he was accepted into the honor society Phi Kappa Phi.

After several successful years in the entertainment field, Billy became a family man and wished to stay closer to home. His engineering background combined with his creative eye and a love for architecture made becoming a local real estate agent a perfect fit where he could combine all of his talents and work locally. This also put him in the position to have a continued investment in the growth and success of Altadena while assisting in keeping that small town feel that has been the base and charm of this beautiful town we all call home. Billy has enjoyed the opportunity to meet new people, learn more about his community and help his fellow neighbors. Currently he is a member of Pasadena and Foothill Association of Realtors, California Association of Realtors, and the National Association of Realtors. His skills were recently utilized by NBC studios as an on-screen Real Estate Specialist for one of their prospective Reality TV shows.

Billy’s hard work ethic and empathy for others makes him a believer in unity and fairness for all. He has been a member of several unions and is currently a member of UniteHere chapter 11 (for the past 7 years) and Screen Actors Guild (for the past 17 years).

Billy also realized that he enjoys the role of advocate when dealing recently with issues arising out of a family member’s disabling disease. Wanting to be a more active member of the community and a voice for those who need the support of others, he has followed through on many areas that he felt needed more attention: he has supported and helped work on legal cases as high up as 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, he helped developed performing arts programs that budget cuts had otherwise eliminated with a team of volunteers for a local public school, and sits on the Board of Directors for the Chamber of Commerce. Billy strongly supports local groups like RIPE, MOMS Club, and others.

Going into public service seemed like a natural next step for Billy, so 2013 marks his first year on Altadena’s Town Council where he will work to have a positive influence within the city he calls home. His focus will be on keeping this community the upbeat, unique place that it has always been while working toward its financial stability through encouragement of economic and business growth. He wishes to be a voice that stands up for the majority so that we can enjoy and preserve this beautiful place for generations to come.