CT 4603.02

District 4603.02 is defined by the Census Tract in the central Western section of Altadena bordered on the west roughly by the Arroyo Seco or the Pasadena City limits thereabout; by Altadena Drive on the north; by Fair Oaks Avenue on the east; and by Ventura Street on the south.e.


Dean Cooper

Term Expires 2017

Phone: (626) 345-1297

Email: dean.cooper@altadenatowncouncil.org

Dr. DEAN COOPER, BA, MA, Ed.D, CNA, MCSE, has lived in the Altadena community, Tract 4603.02, for more than 30 years.  As a retired educator, he has taught in the K-12 public school environments for both Pasadena and Los Angeles.  Prior to his service in the K-12 public school systems, Dr. Cooper worked in the field of finance.  These financial organizations were inclusive of his family’s owned finance company located in Northern California, major banks including United California, Lloyds, and Barclays bank.Dr. Cooper is the sole proprietor of Business and Individual Technology Services, dba BITS, located in Altadena, CA.  BITS has provided computer technology sales and service alternatives in all facets of consumer and business continuity requirements for more than twenty-five years.  BITS is a Microsoft Partner with authorizations as Authorized Education Partner and Office 365 Cloud Services Advisor sales and services.

Dr. Cooper continues his community service and awareness dating from the 70’s to date.  In the 70’s, Dr. Cooper served as a Member of The Governor’s Council on Children and Youth, Carson City Nevada.  He continues his current community involvement through his church in capacities ranging from Trustee Chairperson, Sunday School Superintendent, Sunday school teacher, Deacon Ministry member, and as a tutor for all k-12 learners hosted by the Metropolitan Baptist Church’s Tutorial Ministry.

As a community representative for Tract 4603.02, Dr. Cooper is committed to embracing the ideal of the Altadenans of 1975 who formed The Altadena Town Council with the help of Los Angeles County Supervisor Baxter Ward and the Pasadena Chapter of the League of Women Voters.  This embrace is best stated in the Altadena Town Council’s By-Laws  Article V, Section A, 2, which states the council member’s duties and responsibilities as “Presenting community concerns, as voiced by the residents of Altadena, to government agencies including local, regional, state and federal decision making bodies, and establishing contact with such agencies for the sake of participating in the planning of future development in Altadena and reviewing the proposals for government and other funding programs.”

Gloria Sanyika

Term Expires 2016

Email: gloria.sanyika@altadenatowncouncil.org

Gloria Sanyika, H.Ec. – Is a Home Economist/ Nutritionist, a Specialist in CACFP Compliance Review Preparation, a NETA Certified Aerobic Instructor and owner of Specific Nutrition Consulting Service.   Ms. Sanyika earned a BA Degree from California State University at Long Beach and a Master from Union University of Oriental Medicine.Originally from South Central Los Angeles, she used to visit Altadena during the summer months with her family to go Hiking at Cheney Trail.  She fell so in love with the earthy, organic, great outdoors feel of Altadena that she decided to relocate.  Ms. Sanyika has been a resident of Altadena for 12 years and she is very active in the community.Ms.  Sanyika served as chairperson and coordinator of Project Head Starts annual March Is National Nutrition Month “Healthy Food Tasting- Health and Fitness Event” from 2001-2012.  She, also, developed and coordinated the Head Start “Job Opportunities in the Food Service Industry” Parent/ Adult entry level work incentive program (2012 -2013) where she trained Head Start Parents in Sanitation and Food Safety. In addition to that, she worked on the champagne to elect the Mayor of Inglewood.

Ms.  Sanyika is an active member of the Child and Adult Care Food Program Roundtable, the National Head Start Association and most recently the Altadena Land Use Committee.  She was a member the Altadena Community Garden for 2 years and now tends a wonderful garden at her home. She enjoys Off Loom Weaving, Organic Gardening, Food Dehydration/Canning and Aerobic exercising, in her spare time.

As Town Council Representative, Ms. Sanyika   plans to address the needs and concerns of Residents in her Census Track as well as introduce new projects and work collectively with other Council Representatives to manifest projected ideas.  Ms. Sanyika’s focus is Food Preservation and Community Beautification.   She believes that community beautification starts at home.  Each resident of Altadena must be responsible for the up keep of his/ her property to reduce the risk of neglect.  Ms. Sanyika believes that community neglect is a precursor to communities that are unhealthy and unsafe and she believes that “A Healthy and Safe Community is  the collective work and responsibility of all who reside there.”