CT 4610

CT4610 is defined by the Census Tract at the Southwest section of Altadena bordered on the west roughly by the Arroyo Seco or the Pasadena City limits thereabout; by Ventura Street on the north; by Fair Oaks Avenue on the east; and by the Pasadena City limits on the south.rive.


Brent Musson

Term Expires 2017

Call or email here: http://brentmusson.com/contact/

BRENT MUSSON is a respected Sourcing, Logistics and Program Management consultant in the international real estate development industry.  His practice, materialsDIRECT, provides consulting support and planning to some of sub-Saharan Africa’s most active developers and Sourcing/Logistics support to domestic commercial and residential builders as well as to other consulting groups that provide Feasibility, Planning, Project Management, etc., to major mixed-use, retail, entertainment/hospitality and residential developments on five continents.

Councilman Musson, serves as the Recording Secretary of the Altadena Town Council, in Altadena, CA.  He has also served on the Land Use Committee, the West Altadena Project Area Committee (until it was defunded through the CA State budgeting process) and as a founding member of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Altadena Stakeholders Committee.

Prior to his entry into real estate development, over a decade ago, Mr. Musson was a highly sought after and often published consultant to the Dot-com and Tech Dev Industries.  His calling card was his ability to combine a company’s underutilized assets with commoditized technology that is both affordable and easy to implement, to build new products and take them to market. This ability earned him high-profile contracts with major brands including Disney, Ticketmaster, Citibank, Citisearch, Match.com, Skechers, Sotheby’s, Kodak, USC Football, Anderson Printing, Ringling Brothers, and many others.

Mr. Musson delivers unique consulting value, integrating his technology pedigree with his sourcing, logistics and construction expertise.  This combination produces projects that assimilate the best practices of the most successful players, worldwide, and in a variety of industries.   Water usage plans from equatorial regions, the most progressive energy plans from Europe and Silicon Valley, manufacturer-direct sourcing, just-in-time logistics, and Six-Sigma management culture, elevate his projects to best in class.

Michelle Martinez

Term Expires 2016

Email: michelle.martinez@altadenatowncouncil.org

MICHELLE MARTINEZ represents CT4610 on the Altadena Town Council.